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    Saving your Moodle course(s) for the 2014-2015 School Year!

    If you would like to save your course(s) for next year, please send an email to Rebecca Seeger at *ITSupport and we will be sure to save your course so that it will be available to you when you return in the fall.

    Please let us know if we should remove a class that you will no longer be using.  We will purge old classes at the beginning of the school year. 

    When you return in the fall, it is your responsibility to perform the reset for any class that you will want to use for next year. You can reset your course by following the instructions provided in the link below.

    Once you have completed the course reset, please send an email to *ITSupport, and we will enroll your students. 

    To Reset your course:

    The Reset option allows you to rename the course, remove all the previous students and clear the gradebook, while keeping all the content, assignments, and non-student members of the class (like you the teacher) enrolled. Please click on the link provided below for instructions on how to reset your course. 

    Click here: How to reset your Moodle course(s).

    Friday Testing in Moodle:

    We are excited that the usage of Moodle has continued to grow this year. It is amazing to look at the logs and see how many students are using Moodle outside of the school day. This is a tribute to the time and effort that you as teachers have put in to Moodle in order to provide your students with additional learning opportunities.

    To improve performance during testing, please consider moving your testing to a different day. The overload seems to be occurring during 3rd and 4th periods with some carry over into the 5th period on Fridays.

    Thank you for your help!

                 Moodle Link- http://moodle2.rochester.k12.mn.us



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